Predict the In Vivo Fate of Subcutaneously-Administered Therapeutics
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Unique Instruments and Services That Help Scientists Make Informed Decisions About Drug and Food Formulation, from R&D to Manufacturing 

Accelerate your food and pharmaceutical formulation development efforts with next-generation technology. As a leading analytical instruments company, Pion supports your workflow with scientific instruments, analytical services and equipment to deliver the accuracy of results required for more predictive decision-making in the food and drug development process.

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Introducing the Rainbow R6 Dynamic Dissolution Monitor® System

The Rainbow R6 is our newest in-situ fiber optic concentration monitoring system for dissolution testing, flux assays, solubility studies and other applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability in concentration measurement. The Rainbow R6 is the core of Pion’s integrated microDISS and miniDISS dissolution monitoring systems, used for early phase compound screening and studies with biorelevant volumes, and FLUX systems, which improve the assessment of absorption potential. It is available as a standalone instrument for USP baths or specialized applications.

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Subcutaneous Injection Site Simulator (SCISSOR)


Investigate the release performance of subcutaneous formulations with our Subcutaneous Injection Site Simulator (SCISSOR)

Assess the risk and performance of subcutaneously-administered drugs including biologics, peptides and small molecules.  Generate release profiles, simulate stress conditions and environmental transitions that can lead to precipitation/aggregation events, monitor drug stability upon injection and determine a rank order of different formulations.

The only commercially-available instrument that bridges the gap between standard dissolution and solubility results and in vivo Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies.

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BEE brand homogenizers

BEE brand homogenizers

The heart of our homogenizing technology is our patented Emulsifying Cell. This patented cell offers a linear process which enables us to guarantee the scalability of results. There are a finite number of mechanical forces used by any process equipment to mix, blend, and grind products:

Shear - like high shear mixers stirrers and agitators
Cavitation - like sonic mixers
Impact - like bead mills

Unlike the above mixers, which focus on one mechanical force, BEE systems allow product developers to combine and control a combination of these forces to optimize new and improved products in pharma, food, cannabis, and other industries.

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Pion scientific instruments support novel drug development in leading research centers around the world. As a leader in formulation sciences, we specialize in all aspects of pharmaceutical product development, from physchem analysis to clinical testing. We treat your goals like our own, helping position your product for greater therapeutic and commercial success. Advance your program with next-generation pharmaceutical development and technology.

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