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In Vitro Imaging and Testing

The role of biopharmaceutical analysis has grown rapidly in the past 30 years, driven by the discovery of new molecules and innovative therapies. However, drug form and formulation can both impact on release and absorption, and scientists need new ways to understand and predict these effects. Pion is a true pioneer in in vitro drug testing, with an innovative and ever-growing range of specialist instruments.

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Our Technologies

Pion’s smart in vitro testing and imaging systems are designed to expedite pharmaceutical development. They can help assess the absorption of APIs, monitor solubility, and provide invaluable insights into the dissolution process.

Save time and minimize costly errors with our top-of-the-line in vitro technologies.


MacroFLUX™ for In Vitro Absorption Test Equipment

Assess the dissolution of finished drug product simultaneously with absorption potential for more predictive IVIVC modelling.

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MicroFLUX for In Vitro Absorption Test Equipment

Pion’s dissolution-permeability apparatus for the simultaneous assessment of formulation drug release and absorption.

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inForm for In Vitro Absorption Test Equipment

A powerful and versatile formulation workstation for automated analysis of solutions, powders, suspensions, compacted pellets and dosages in situ.

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BioFLUX for In Vitro Absorption Test Equipment

BioFLUX extends the utility of in-situ UV fiber-optic concentration monitoring, using biorelevant dissolution volumes of 200-250mL.

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PAMPA for In Vitro Permeability Test Equipment

An efficient high-throughput tool to measure passive transmembrane permeability and flux for skin, blood-brain barrier (BBB), and gastrointestinal tract (GIT.)

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Gut-Box for In Vitro Permeability Test Equipment

A special stirring device that improves the accuracy and reliability of your PAMPA solubility and permeability assays.

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TempPlate for In Vitro Permeability Test Equipment

TempPlate A simple cost-effective solution for accurate temperature control during plate incubation, with straightforward touchscreen controls.

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MicroDISS Profiler for Pharmaceutical Solubility Test Equipment

Pion’s in-situ fiber optic monitoring system provides real-time concentration monitoring.

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SiriusT3 for Pharmaceutical Solubility Test Equipment

A fully automated tool for compound screening and PhysChem analysis, using Pion’s proprietary CheqSol method.

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inForm for Pharmaceutical Solubility Test Equipment

A powerful and versatile instrument for automated analysis of solutions and formulations in-situ.

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SCISSOR N3 for Subcutaneous

Designed specifically to assess the risk and performance of subcutaneously administered drugs including biologics, peptides and small molecules.

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SDi2 for Surface Imaging

Real-time imaging of the dissolution process for maximum insight.

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What Is In Vitro Testing and Imaging?

In vivo imaging is a non-invasive technique used to peer deep into the internal systems of living organisms for diagnostic or research processes. By using special analytical instruments, researchers can analyze complex biological processes in plants, animals, or humans.

In vitro imaging can provide valuable insights for preclinical studies. From improving treatment response to assessing product safety, In vitro make the process of bringing a new pharmaceutical drug to the market faster and easier.

Advantages of In Vitro Imaging Systems

In vitro imaging provides a comprehensive picture of the biological effects of a drug or treatment. The organism is kept alive meaning future analysis can be performed on the same subject. In addition, real-time biological changes can be detected and followed. In vitro imaging also involves a generally undisturbed process which helps in producing more accurate results.

In Vivo vs In Vitro

The term ‘in vivo’ refers to a test, study, or procedure that is performed within a living organism while “in vitro” describes activity that is done outside of a living organism.

In vivo pharmacology is the study of the biological effects of a compound on an organism. It can help  researchers assess how diseases or tissues will respond to a certain drug.

Why Partner With Pion Inc

Precise Results

In vitro testing and imaging tools can accelerate your research by delivering swift, precise, and cost-effective results.

Analytical Services

Organizations rely on us for accurate tests, assays, analysis, and interpretation needed throughout the drug development process.

Reduced Errors

By using Pion equipment, problems with dissolution, solubility, permeability, and absorption can be detected earlier, saving valuable time and resources.

Products at a glance

Products at a glance

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Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Our analysts run standard tests and assays for you on Pion equipment or serve as consultative partners.

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Resource Library

Resource Library

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