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AuPRO™ is Pion’s comprehensive data collection and refinement software. It provides today’s drug development scientists with new ways to analyze kinetic solubility and dissolution data and to make the data refinement process more capable and efficient.

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The latest version, AuPRO 7, is only available with our latest fiber optic platform, Rainbow R6, introduced June 2021. AuPRO 7 introduces new features that extend the analytical performance of the Rainbow R6 and make it easier to use. New features include:

  • Extended dynamic range decreases dependency on initial probe path length selection, reducing the need to retest.
  • Easier dissolution curve interpretation with enhanced zoom function.
  • Automatic data processing feature recommends baseline correction and wavelength range parameters.
  • File export options now include real time export to .csv file format.

AuPRO 6, compatible with all other Rainbow models, offers scientists a range of new features to enhance compound analysis and to secure their system and is Windows 10 compatible.

The software is now modular, with three modules activated individually:

Basic Module  - Allows basic dissolution experiments limited to one component

Standard Module - All functionality of the Basic Module plus features similar to AuPro software version 5.5.3, such as up to two components, ZIM analysis and advanced baseline correction

Additionally, the Standard Module has:

  • New algorithms, which allow a different approach to derivative spectra calculations
  • The ability to select a wavelength range for baseline correction algorithms other than a single point
  • The ability to export the fitting parameters for Linear and Scatter Modelling baseline correction algorithms to Excel for external analysis

Advanced Module - All functionality of the Standard Module plus enabling resolution of up to four absorbing components using linear regression analysis, reconstructing and saving standards for nanoparticles, calculating and exporting flux values from the software

Additionally, the Advanced Module has:

  • The ability to re-construct the spectra of nanoparticles formed during the assay as separate standards. This enables multi-component regression to determine the concentration of kinetically forming nanoparticles or colloidal phases (e.g. during liquid-liquid phase separation)
  • Market leading up to 4 component analysis using  Linear Regression
  • The ability to calculate flux rates with AuPro  and mark early and late flux rates


AuPRO™ provides a number of insightful ways to analyze data:

  • Implementation of multi-component analysis for up to four components
  • Simultaneous monitoring of nanoparticles and free drug concentrations
  • Ability to collect multiple standard curves
  • Spectral shape comparison
  • Media change manager with volume addition over time
  • Reference and blank channel designation
  • See the progress of the experiment (time left, measurement interval etc.) during the run
  • Save spectra collected during the dissolution run as standard
  • Include Samples and Components IDs in the printed reports


Smart on resolution

Implementation of ZIM, an application of second derivative spectroscopy or linear regression analysis, can account for the presence of multiple absorbing components within the same matrix. In addition, multi-component concentration monitoring allows multiple standard curves to be used for the analy-sis of multi-component systems.

Smart on spectral changes

Spectral shape analysis enables detection of spectral changes between standard and sample spectra due to pH, degradation or other chemical in situ phenomena.

Smart on real-time display

When used in conjunction reference channel and the Media change manager allows for a single data file to have multiple media addition steps, while accurately calculating concentration and % dissolved.

Smart on UV spectral range

Photo Diode Array Spectrometers allow for collection of entire UV spectral range from every channel at every time point. 


AuPRO 7.0


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