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Drug Discovery Chemistry

All drug development programs need efficient Discovery phases in order to screen potential candidates in timely and effective ways. Well-founded Discovery strikes a balance between eliminating those candidates where the profile makes development more challenging than it is worth, and others where the therapeutic possibilities and initial analyses are so promising that pre-formulation and formulation are indicated. Drug discovery and development is a complex, interdisciplinary process that can take time to facilitate. Work with Pion Inc and receive expert advice and analysis throughout the drug discovery pipeline. 

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Our Drug Discovery and Development Solutions

Pion specializes in computational approaches to drug discovery. We deliver a wide range of analytical services and expert consulting to advance your research and reduce costly missteps. By constantly exploring new tools and techniques, we strive to position our clients for greater commercial and clinical success. Browse our scientific solutions today.



We use aqueous or cosolvent approaches, and optimise the analysis conditions and perform repeat analyses until the best result is achieved.

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LogP and LogD

Pion’s gold standard pH-metric and shake-flask PhysChem assays yield the LogP and LogD of compounds.

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Pion’s PAMPA technology measures passive permability using various membranes to mimic gastro-intestinal conditions, or the blood-brain or human skin barrier.

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High Throughput Solubility

Aqueous solubility is one of the key physchem properties to identify in drug discovery. Unacceptable solubility is important to ascertain early on, before unsuitable compounds are taken any further into development.

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Gold and Platinum Standard Solubility

Work with Pion to get all the solubility test results you need to inform your discovery phase, and establish the profiles of candidates you’ll wish to develop further.

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Excipient Screening

Combining excipients with active compounds can improve their solubility, bioavailability and more. But which excipients will work best with your candidate compounds?.

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Accelerate Your Drug Discovery Program

Full-service drug discovery and development

We deliver a full range of discovery capabilities for companies and researchers that do not have them in house.

Advanced technology

We use in-vitro scientific instruments and innovative facilities to provide you with precise computational drug discovery services.

Expert team

Our specialists have years of experience in drug discovery chemistry. We apply robust problem solving abilities to help you resolve drug characterization challenges and ensure accurate findings.

Products at a glance

Products at a glance

Check out the specifications and capabilities of Pion equipment.

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Scientific Instruments

Scientific Instruments

We provide novel in-vitro tools that promote quicker, more informed decision-making.

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Resource Library

Resource Library

Latest citations of Pion instruments and services in industry white papers, webinars, videos, and case studies.

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