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Bridge the gap between in vitro experiments and in vivo outcomes with comprehensive measurements of liberation and absorption pharmacokinetic properties

It is possible to confidently decide which drug substances and drug products to progress into clinical research while reducing risk and long-term investment with comprehensive measurement of physicochemical properties.

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Physiochemical Analysis

Using In Vitro Physicochemical Property Measures to Provide Better In Vivo Insights

Better understand the dissolution, solubility, permeation, ionization and absorption properties of compounds and drug products. This provides richer, more relevant insights, not easily accessible prior to animal studies.

Dissolution Testing

Dissolution testing

Dissolution testing is a vital part of the drug development process. A dissolution test measures the extent and rate of drug release from a specified dosage form. During the test, formulation changes that affect the dissolution rate of a product can be identified. The test is performed to ensure a drug complies with quality standards and specifications prior to release.

Dissolution analysis, including USP dissolution, is crucial to effective drug development. Yet traditional dissolution approaches can be inefficient and time-consuming, delaying progress and consuming resources. Pion dissolution testing equipment is engineered to support every step of the drug development process. Our in-situ solutions are used by 97% of the Big Pharma companies for rapid, cost-effective, predictive results aligned to today’s drug development methodology.

In Vitro Imaging and Testing

In vitro techniques are used to interrogate deep into the internal systems of humans for diagnostic or research processes. By using special analytical instruments, researchers can analyze complex biological processes in humans.

In vitro techniques can provide valuable insights for preclinical studies. From improving treatment response to assessing product safety, In vitro experiments make the process of bringing a new pharmaceutical drug to the market faster and easier.

The role of biopharmaceutical analysis has grown rapidly in the past 30 years, driven by the discovery of new molecules and innovative therapies. However, drug form and formulation can both impact on release and absorption, and scientists need new ways to understand and predict these effects. Pion is a true pioneer in in vitro drug testing, with an innovative and ever-growing range of specialist instruments.

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In Vitro Absorption testing

In Vitro Permeability testing

Pharmaceutical Solubility testing


Surface Imaging

Physicochemical analysis

Physicochemical analysis is instrumental in measuring the ability of a chemical compound to produce a pharmacological effect. By examining the interactions between a drug and a biomolecule, researchers can assess whether the drug is delivering its intended effects or further improvements are required. Physicochemical analysis of drugs offers a faster way to acquire essential data and facilitate pharmaceutical development.

The results of Physicochemical analyses form the foundations on which much of the process of drug development is based. Expertise in Physicochemical analysis is also one of the principles on which Pion was founded and where we’ve continued to build our reputation. We provide the instrumentation and expertise that allow scientists and researchers around the world to establish the core properties of the compounds they are working with for ionization, pKa, LogP, Solubility, Dissolution and Permeability.

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