Webinar:  An Overview of Analytical Services at Pion, Inc.

Webinar: An Overview of Analytical Services at Pion, Inc.

Drug development can be a complex, multi-faceted challenge – so finding effective scientific support can be critical to making progress. More and more organizations are turning to Pion Analytical Services, for the tests, assays, analysis and interpretation required at all the key phases of drug development. Please join us as Dr. Rebeca Ruiz presents an overview of Pion's Analytical Services group and the ways we can help your pre-formulation and drug development.

Rebeca obtained her European PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Barcelona in Spain. Her thesis and Master's were focused mainly in pKa (ionisation constant) analysis studying a diversity of techniques, media and different calculation approaches. Lipophilicity and solubility also formed part of her doctorate and she has published her work in internationally recognised scientific journals. In 2003 Rebeca spent one year at Pion as part of her doctorate and joined Pion full-time in 2009.

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