Rainbow R6 for Biorelevant Dissolution

Pion’s benchmark tool for in situ dissolution monitoring, designed to deliver the fastest path to accurate analysis.

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miniDISS Profiler™

miniDISS Profiler™ for Biorelevant Dissolution

Pion’s miniDISS Profiler™ is a Rainbow in situ Fiber Optic UV monitoring system with the miniDT dissolution tester and is designed for biorelevant media volumes.

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microdiss profiler.svg

microDISS Profiler for Biorelevant Dissolution

Pion’s in situ fiber-optic UV dissolution monitoring system, specifically designed to monitor small volume concentrations.

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Pion’s BioFLUX™ accurately assesses the absorption potential of finished dosage forms under biorelevant conditions, greatly enhancing IVIVC modelling.

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With Pion’s MacroFLUX™ device, you can reliably test and rank the absorption potential of formulations in-vitro to greatly enhance in-vivo prediction.

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MicroFLUX™ allows you to combine data from a dissolution experiment with transmembrane permeation. It is the perfect in vitro tool to support pharmacokinetic (PK) prediction and decision-making.

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inForm for Biorelevant Dissolution

A powerful and versatile formulation workstation for automated analysis of solutions, powders, suspensions, compacted pellets and dosages in situ.

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SCISSOR N3 for Subcutaneous

Designed specifically to assess the risk and performance of subcutaneously administered drugs including biologics, peptides and small molecules.

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SDi2 for Surface Imaging

Real-time imaging of the dissolution process for maximum insight.

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PAMPA for In Vitro Permeability Test Equipment

An efficient high-throughput tool to measure passive transmembrane permeability and flux for skin, blood-brain barrier (BBB), and gastrointestinal tract (GIT.)

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sirius t3.svg

SiriusT3 for Pharmaceutical Solubility Test Equipment

A fully automated tool for compound screening and PhysChem analysis, using Pion’s proprietary CheqSol method.

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PrepEngine Image

PrepEngine for Content Uniformity

PrepEngine is a flexible life science processing platform that can extract materials into solution, mix, centrifuge, lyse and more.

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LabEye for Camera Systems

LabEye remote monitoring system

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