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Best practices in Fiber Optic Dissolution Testing Best practices in Fiber Optic Dissolution Testing

How to obtain richer data before clinical trials, with well designed fiber optic dissolution experiments

Are you looking for a way to correctly and accurately measure dissolution in real time as part of your early stage formulation studies? Attend this webinar to learn how to perform fiber optic in vitro dissolution testing to gain insights that are usually only available in vivo.

SCISSOR N3 Product Sheet SCISSOR N3 Product Sheet

The SCISSOR N3 advances the Pion SubCutaneous Injection Site Simulator in vitro model capability for investigating the release performance of subcutaneous formulations under simulated physiological conditions. It assesses the risk and performance of subcutaneously administered drugs including biologics, peptides and small molecule.

Scissor Demo Scissor Demo

Watch a 10 minute video of the Pion SCISSOR, the first instrument designed specifically to assess the risk and performance of subcutaneously administered drugs including biologics, peptides and small molecules. It generates the same rank orders of bioavailability observed in humans.

MacroFLUX Demo MacroFLUX Demo

In many cases, dissolution experiments alone cannot predict the in vivo response to drug products due to the complicated interplay of solubility and permeability in complex media. By introducing a stirred absorption chamber into familiar USP dissolution apparatus, Pion’s MacroFLUX™ allows you to extend the utility of in situ UV concentration monitoring to provide an accurate assessment of transmembrane FLUX. Watch this short video to learn more!

microDISS Profiler Demo microDISS Profiler Demo

The MicroFLUX™ offers a novel solution to conducting small volume in-situ concentration monitoring, while at the same time evaluating the absorption potential of your compound as the receiver and donor chambers are separated with a biomimetic PAMPA membrane. The MicroFLUX™ also allows you to control for temperature and stirring and is straightforward to set up and easy to use. Watch this short video to see just how easy!

AuPRO 7.0 AuPRO 7.0

Our latest AuPRO Version 7.0 software for our new Rainbow R6!

AuPRO Version 7 introduces new features that extend the analytical performance and make it easier to use. It is used with the Rainbow R6 concentration monitoring instrument and requires a Windows 10, 64-bit operating system. Previous Rainbow models are not compatible with it. Functionality Advanced license Standard license Analyze combination drug products with reduced complexity and time compared to other techniques.

Rainbow R6  Product Sheet Rainbow R6 Product Sheet

The new Rainbow R6 is our latest in-situ Fiber Optic UV-vis spectrometer for Dissolution, Flux and Solubility studies.

Introducing *NEW* Rainbow R6! Introducing *NEW* Rainbow R6!

Watch our video of the *NEW* Rainbow R6 In-situ Fiber Optic UV-vis spectrometer for Dissolution, Flux and Solubility studies!

"The Absorption Driven Drug Formulation Concept" Webinar "The Absorption Driven Drug Formulation Concept" Webinar

The Absorption Driven Drug Formulation concept is a new approach in formulation development to ensure that the drug product meets the expected absorption rate.

"Utilizing Pion's SiriusT3 Platform" Webinar "Utilizing Pion's SiriusT3 Platform" Webinar

Dr. Rebeca Ruiz, Pion Analytical Services Manager, and Dr. Clara Rafols from the University of Barcelona present applications using the SiriusT3 which measures pKa, log P, log D and solubility of ionizable, small molecule drugs using sub-milligram quantities of sample.

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