Recent Advances in Drug Discovery hosted by Catalent

Recent Advances in Drug Discovery hosted by Catalent

Join our CSO Dr Konstantin Tsinman on Day 2 of this event hosted by Catalent. 

His talk is titled "In Vitro Tools for Investigating the Absorption Potential of Early Formulations and Drug Products"

The topics covered are 

  • In situ concentration measurements in formulation development
  • Flux measurements representing absorption potential of drug products
  • Using flux values for predicting the maximum absorbabe dose (MAD) and food effect
  • Surface dissolution imaging as a novel tool in testing properties of drug products


This 2-day meeting provides an open forum to bring together academic and industry experts to appraise the state of the art in drug delivery technologies.

Day 1 highlights drug delivery techniques in early development to improve the solubility of poorly soluble drugs. We will describe early formulation strategies to achieve adequate drug exposure and examine how to leverage pharmacokinetic modeling to assess molecule developability. Then we will share the latest advances in delivery technologies to enhance oral drug bioavailability.

Day 2 focuses on advances in oral delivery of peptides, in vitro tools, modelling, and late-stage product development. We will close the day by addressing how to develop robust formulations and manufacturing processes suitable for late phase clinical trials, registration, and ongoing commercial supply.