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DissoPro 3.5 is now available with improved functionality to make administrative duties simpler, security setup more straight forward and data analysis more capable and flexible. Please see the information below for more detailed information

New and Improved Features in Pion DissoPRO Software Version 3.5

• Simplified the installation process.
• Added global software settings to define date format, instrument connection parameters, and minimum password length.
• Added multi project functionality including project states (Active, Process, Locked, Inactive).
• Added project management tool to define user access to projects.
• Added project archive and restore functionality.
• Added functionality to archive and archive and remove audit trails.
• Added licencing and activation codes.


• Added LDAP functionality to create users in software that link to domain user names/passwords.
• Added user initiated password resets.
• Added logging of additional events in the audit trail.
• Simplified DissoPRO installation by removing AuPRO as it is no longer needed.


Electronic Records / Electronic Signatures
• Changed signature functionality. Signatures are now applied directly to the experiment and method files and not to reports.


• Added functionality to create new methods within DissoPRO without a need to have prior AuPRO data file.
• Added 1mm resolution.
• Added ability to modify ZIM points during and after the experiment.
• Added the option to select Baseline correction algorithm as a part of the Method.
• Added the option to select both the start and end wavelengths of Baseline Correction.
• Added functionality to show %Dissolution and time remaining during experiment.
• Changed failed system suitability experiments to be auditable.
• Added the ability to modify additional parameters for reprocessing of experiments, including standard concentrations and all reporting parameters.
• Changed capability to reprocess experiments: Developers can now reprocess experiments performed by any user. Analysts can only reprocess experiments that they have performed.
• Added functionality for developers to modify any experiment parameters, even those not set to “must be entered”.
• Added reporting functionality, including the ability to show spectra from multiple time points (up to 10) on the report.
• Added the capability to add comments when reprocessing an experiment.
• Added the capability to include/exclude graphs from the report after the experiment finishes.


• Software is Windows 7 & 10 compatible
• AuPRO Version 6.0 files can be used as templates for DissoPRO Methods.