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PharmSci 360

November 4 - November 7

AAPS PharmSci 360 will combine all the energy of a large scientific conference with the intimacy of a small niche gathering.

  • Five robust tracks covering all aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences
  • Dynamic Solution Center floor divided into neighborhoods that mirror the tracks
  • Hundreds of exhibitors with dozens of additional learning opportunities
  • Thousands of scientific posters featuring the latest, most innovative research in the field
  • 7,000 attendees from around the globe including the best minds in the business
  • Indispensable career development sessions for managers and administrators
  • Unlimited networking opportunities to build on existing relationships and grow new ones

Each track will be split equally between chemical and biomolecule areas, resulting in 10 sub-tracks that will cover many of the areas making the biggest headlines in the pharmaceutical sciences today.

    • Preclinical Development
    • Bioanalytics
    • Clinical Pharmacology

  • Manufacturing and Bioprocessing
  • Formulation and Quality

Pion will be exhibiting. Visit us at booth #814.


Title: Small Scale Biphasic Dissolution Testing of Itraconazole (ITZ) Formulations with a pH Shift
Poster Number: M0930-07-050
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 09:30 – 10:30

Title: In Situ Fiber Optic Dissolution Monitoring of Combination Drug Product Containing Three Actives
Poster Number: M1030-07-052
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 10:30 – 11:30

Title: Do all solid hydrophilic carriers enhance dissolution rates? An investigation into the relationship between solid hydrophilic carriers and their effect on dissolution rates
Poster Number: M1130-07-050
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 11:30 – 12:30

Title: An Integrated Experimental and Modelling Approach to Characterize the Precipitation Kinetics of Compounds with Poor Aqueous Solubility: From In Vitro to In Vivo Predictions
Poster Number: M1130-13-101
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 11:30 – 12:30

Title: In Vitro Permeation Behaviour of a Novel Tyrosinase Inhibitor Investigated by Human Skin, Porcine Skin, and an Artificial Skin Model
Poster Number: M1130-09-069
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 11:30 – 12:30

Title: Simultaneous In Situ monitoring of free drug concentration and nanoparticles during dissolution testing of nanocrystalline and amorphous formulations
Poster Number: M1430-09-070
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 14:30 – 15:30

Title: In Vitro Dissolution-Permeation Study to Characterize Itraconazole Formulations: The Effect of Formulation Additives, Food and Dose
Poster Number: M1530-10-080
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Title:Surface Characterization and Advanced Imaging of Initial Gel Formation and Swelling of Hypromellose Compacts
Poster Number: M1530-07-053
Date: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Title: Using Biorelevant Flux Measurements f or Prediction of Fraction Absorbed for the Drug Products of Poorly Soluble Compounds
Poster Number: T1130-13-098
Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Time: 11:30 – 12:30

Title: Surface Dissolution Imaging: Quantification of the Drug Release and Swelling of Carbamazepine-Polymer Tablets
Poster Number: T1230-07-055
Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Time: 12:30 – 13:30

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