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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the questions that Pion customers have been asking lately. Get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with that’s not addressed here.

As a third-party vendor, are you also qualified to service other equipment?

All our engineers have validated, up-to-date training on the range of equipment they qualify and service. Many Pion service engineers previously worked with other instrument companies so can support the training process for equipment they are familiar with. At our own service center we maintain many different brands of equipment used for regular training and updates. We provide a copy of training certificates along with a complete documentation package with every service.

Are all parts of Pion products covered under initial warranty or high-level service plans?

Although Pion does cover the majority of parts under warranty and high-level service contracts there are some parts that are not covered or have limited warranty.  In most cases, any part that comes into contact with media or solution are not covered as part of the warranty.  This would include items like Fiber Optic probes, glass syringes, o-rings, and fluidic lines.  If you have questions about coverage please contact your local service representative.

Does Pion offer annual equipment service contracts?

Yes, we offer a wide range of services based on the criticality of the instrument to your testing. Reach out to your local sales or service personnel to learn more about these offerings.

Is there an indication we can expect to see when the lamp is losing intensity?

Depending on the lamp, one of two things will happen.  Either the lamp energy, especially in the UV, will decrease significantly as seen in the 100%T or the lamp energy will be unstable and will cause a sinusoidal pattern in the experimental data.

Does Pion require a preventative maintenance to be performed prior to calibration of the instrument?

There’s no formal requirement, but Pion does recommend annual PM or PM prior to any qualification activities.

Our lab is interested in converting to mechanical qualification for our dissolution equipment? Can Pion assist with what is needed?

Pion has assisted many customers in moving to mechanical qualification from PVT testing.  We offer services to perform the mechanical qualification and our experts can ensure you have all items needed to be successful in the transition.

What are first steps in troubleshooting Pion SiriusT3?

We always start with ensuring a clean blank.  Our technicians can then determine if new reagent preps are needed or if there is a hardware issue.  Many times it is a simple fix and if hardware is needed we offer on-demand services to get you back up and running.

We are considering fiber optics for our QC laboratory. Does Pion offer a software package that meets 21 CFR Part 11 or that is considered compliant?

Pion offers two different software packages.  AuPRO is used for research and method development.  DissoPRO is our compliant package which includes audit trails, user privileges, and user passwords.

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