µSOL Evolution™

µSOL Evolution™ is a powerful in vitro tool for measuring drug solubility.


Leverage Pion's expertise in solubility measurements by using this high-throughput instrument in a 96-well microtiter plate format. 


The µSOL Evolution™ is available on the Tecan Freedom EVO®Beckman Biomek® FX, and other robotic platforms.





  • Solubility vs. pH Determination
  • Excipient Screening
  • Aggregation Effects Analysis
  • Aqueous Solutions Analyzing
  • Building Structure Activity Relationships (SAR)
  • Biorelevant Media Studying: FaSSIF, FeSSIF, Simulated Gastric Fluid (SGF)
  • Selecting Thermodynamics or Kinetic Conditions
  • High-Throughput Solubility at a Single pH




  • Determine solubility with sub-micromolar detection limit - saving precious API
  • Easy to use - quickly start measuring solubility
  • Instantly analyze data - using a user-friendly interface software with advanced data processing
  • Leverage our science and expertise - use advanced software tools to interpret solubility-pH profiles
  • Save time - eliminate time-consuming standard curve preparations
  • Using any media - generate unique and creative solubility assays using Pion's open platform



Which µSOL System is Right for You?


The µSOL Evolution™ is the highest integration level robotic platform. We also have the µSOL Explorer Test System, which is an introductory level manual system, and the µSOL Explorer Frontier, which is an intermediate system that combines the science of µSOL and its Explorer Command Software with the versatility of the the Gut-Box™




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