µDISS Profiler™


The µDISS Profiler™ is an in situ fiber optic UV monitoring system with real time data display


The µDISS Profiler™ is specially designed to monitor small volume concentrations. Powered by AuPRO™ software, the most comprehensive data analysis software available in the industry, the µDISS Profiler™ evaluates the various effects on solubility, intrinsic disc dissolution rate, dissolution profiles, super-saturation, precipitation profiles, and more.






The µDISS Profiler™ can be used for anything that traditional UV monitoring solutions can be used for. Applications include:


  • Small volume dissolution – tablets and powder
  • Excipient screening
  • Nanoparticle dissolution
  • Salt screening
  • Intrisic dissolution
  • Media pH change
  • Stability monitoring
  • Supersaturation studies
  • Solubility – Aqueous and Non-Aqueous
  • Biorelevant dissolution media
  • Rank order intrinsic dissolution
  • Detect polymorphic changes
  • Follow stability profiles
  • Track supersaturation effects
  • Determine equilibrium solubility
  • USP and EU dissolution
  • Microsuspension
  • Dynamic media change
  • And more


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  • Small Volume Dissolution (2-20 mL)
  • Individually Controlled 8 Channel Stirring
  • Programmable data collection of the entire UV Spectra (200-720 nm) as fast as every two seconds
  • Durable stainless steel dip probes with variable path lengths




Dissolution Permeability Option

Automated Media Addition Option