Improve GIT drug testing with this mechanical stirring apparatus for use with the PAMPA assay.


The Gut-Box™ is an important accessory for Pion's PAMPA system. Designed with a built-in stirring mechanism, it is calibrated to specific speeds so that the PAMPA assay mimics the expected thickness of the aqueous boundary layer in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT). 


When the Gut-Box™ is used with the Double-Sink PAMPA assay, PAMPA Evolution™ and PAMPA Explorer Frontier™, permeability assays will cover an additional order of magnitude response, providing better data integrity.





  • Humidity Control
  • Precise Stirring Control
  • Factory Calibrated Scale for the Aqueous Boundary Layer (ABL)
  • Bio-mimetic Stirring for All Models


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