Pion's pKa/log P Instrument

Effectively and efficiently forumlate a pharmacutical drug product using PULSE™. 


PULSE™ is an ionization constant (pKa), lipophilicity (log P), and solubility analyzer. Understanding the physical chemical properties, including ionization, of a compound is essential to effectively and efficiently formulate a pharmaceutical drug product. Due to the increasing demand for a reliable and accurate yet cost-effective instrument, we designed the PULSE™. With three configurations, the PULSE™ is designed to meet your specific need and application.


The PULSE™ eliminates the need for outsourcing ionization projects.


Here is your in house pKa instrument with straightforward data generation in an affordable, small format, programmable titrator.






Pulse Analytical Head

The Head of the PULSE™:

UV Probe

pH electrode

Overhead stirrer

Dispense lines












  • PULSE™ Standard is designed for one-at-a-time sample analysis with potentiometric titration capability of acid base and water.
  • PULSE™ Advanced is the PULSE™ standard plus a UV probe and diode array spectrophotometer for the ability to measure low-soluble compounds where traditional potentiometric methods would be limited.
  • PULSE™ Premium is the PULSE™ Advanced plus an 8-position carousel autosampler. Potentiometric, UV, and a cosolvent dispenser make this configuration powerful and flexible.


All models are equipped with a user-friendly data collection and data processing software. The software allows you to either build your own method or use our pre-loaded methods.



How the PULSE™ stacks up against the competition


Pion knows that the pKa technology currently available is top notch. The PULSE™ offers the same outstanding quality in a smaller unit at significant cost savings.


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Pulse Graph Method


Pulse Data Complete


Product Details and Specifications


Download the PULSE™ Product Spec Sheet for more information.



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