The µDISPENSER™ will allow you to easily conduct Biorelevant media change assays- Dynamic pH changes as well as SGF to SIF conversions.

The µDISPENSER™ is an add-on to the µDISS Profiler™. It is a precise and accurate automatic dispenser that is mounted on our miniaturized dissolution bath, the Mini-Bath™.


Operating the µDISPENSER™ is easy. The control over the dispensing is integrated with the detection system, as well as with the Mini-Bath. You can also combine the µDISPENSER™ and µFLUX™ to run automated dissolution-peremeability assays.





  • Biorelevant media change assays:
    • Dynamic pH changes
    • SGF to SIF conversions
  • Dissolution-permeability testing with Pion’s µFLUX™
  • Photometric titrations






  • Up to 8 channels dispensed individually
  • Computer controlled, hands-free dispensing
  • Refill of 25mL syringe reservoir in <12 sec
  • Ability to dispense to a powder and/or to another medium 



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