Fiber optic dissolution is the quicker, more reliable alternative for large or difficult data sets. 


Traditional dissolution testing is conducted by manually removing samples from dissolution vessels and bringing the samples to a UV spectrometer or HPLC for testing. With fiber optics, real-time drug release level is determined in-situ or in the vessels without sample removal. The labor-intensive manual sampling procedure is eliminated and the testing procedure is simplified.


It is more economical because consumables for sampling, such as pipettes, syringes, sippers, tubing, and filters, are not needed. In addition, fiber optics can generate more frequent data points and produce a more detailed dissolution profile, which may be beneficial for showing a method’s discriminating ability.


With over 15 years on the market, Pion’s Rainbow fiber optic technology is the benchmark of reliability. Ten out of ten of the top pharmaceutical companies use Rainbow fiber optic technology for their in-situ UV monitoring needs. It has programmable data collection of the entire UV Spectra as fast as every 2 seconds from any type of dissolution vessel, vial or chamber. Rainbow fiber optic technology is a flexible and reliable tool for determining the rate of release of a drug substance over time.




µDISS Profiler™



 Benefits of Fiber Optics


 Fiber Optic Applications






The Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor (RDDM®) is a powerful analytical instrument that accurately and efficiently measures percent dissolved data in real time.



µDISS Profiler™

The µDISS Profiler™  is specially designed to monitor small volume concentrations. Powered by AuPRO™ software, the most comprehensive data analysis software available in the industry, the µDISS Profiler™ evaluates the various effects on solubility, intrinsic disc dissolution rate, dissolution profiles, super-saturation, precipitation profiles, and more.





AuPRO™ 5.1
The Latest in Pion’s Comprehensive Monitoring Software


AuPRO™ 5.1 brings Pion’s fiber optic users advanced tools for the analysis of kinetic solubility and dissolution.  Addressing the needs of today’s drug development scientists, AuPRO™ 5.1 provides exciting new ways to analyze data:


  • Implementation of ZIM (Zero Intercept Method) for Dual Component Analyses—An application of second derivative spectroscopy to account for the presence of two different absorbing components within the same matrix
  • Two Component Concentration Monitoring—Enabling multiple standard curves to be utilized for the analysis of dual component systems
  • Spectral Shape Analysis—Detection of Spectral Changes Between Standard and Sample Spectra due to pH, degradation, or other chemical in situ phenomena
  • Media Change Manager with Volume Tracking vs. Time—Allows for a single data file to have multiple media addition steps while accurately calculating concentration and % dissolved
  • Reference and Blank Channel Designation—Accounts for changes in molar absorption related to peak shifting, media change, or any other chemical change in a drug substance



Hanson Vision® G2 Dissolution Testers 

Hanson Vision G2 Dissolution Testers Pion is proud to collaborate with Hanson Research to offer fiber optic dissolution monitoring for dissolution labs around the world. Hanson Vision® G2 dissolution testers are designed with over 60 years of dissolution expertise and know-how. The modular design is plug-and-play ready making these systems upgradeable or automated without the need for separate firmware. They come standard with a full color touchscreen and intuitive menus, giving users the confidence of precision control for speeds 25-250 rpm and temperature 25-55 °C. Powerful programming, backed by a robust security system for 25 users, features the ability to create up to 100 unique protocols that can be conveniently transferred by flash drive to other Vision G2 testers, resulting in higher throughput and sample analysis. For more information about these instruments, please visit hansonresearch.com/dissolution-testing.



Hanson Research Corporation


About Hanson Research Corporation:

Hanson Research is a global technology company that specializes in analytical test instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. Founded by the innovator of modern dissolution test technology, Hanson Research helps ensure the world’s pharmaceuticals are pure, safe, and effective by manufacturing equipment that sets the global standard for quality, innovation, and long-term value. Hanson instruments are used by scientists in over 75 countries worldwide and are supported by the industry’s top customer service team. For more information, please visit hansonresearch.com.