AuPro™ Software

AuPRO™ 5.1 is the Latest in Pion’s Comprehensive Monitoring Software


AuPRO™ 5.1 brings Pion’s fiber optic users advanced tools for the analysis of kinetic solubility and dissolution.  










Addressing the needs of today’s drug development scientists, AuPRO™ 5.1 provides exciting new ways to analyze data:


  • Implementation of ZIM (Zero Intercept Method) for Dual Component Analyses—An application of second derivative spectroscopy to account for the presence of two different absorbing components within the same matrix
  • Two Component Concentration Monitoring—Enabling multiple standard curves to be utilized for the analysis of dual component systems
  • Spectral Shape Analysis—Detection of Spectral Changes Between Standard and Sample Spectra due to pH, degradation, or other chemical in situ phenomena
  • Media Change Manager with Volume Tracking vs. Time—Allows for a single data file to have multiple media addition steps while accurately calculating concentration and % dissolved
  • Reference and Blank Channel Designation—Accounts for changes in molar absorption related to peak shifting, media change, or any other chemical change in a drug substance

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