Quickly identify the most affective development path to bring drugs to market using new FLUX testing technology.


Pion FLUX combines traditional dissolution testing with repeatable methods for assessing the absorption potential of APIs, API/ingredient combinations, or finished dosage products. The result is a single combined test that makes more reliable and realistic IVIVC (in vitro-in vivo correlation) testing and modeling possible. With FLUX technology, potential problems with the permeability and absorption potential of a promising compound can be identified far earlier in the development process. 






The µFLUX™

The µFLUX™ is Pion’s latest tool in their line of in situ measurement technology. Combining the data from a dissolution experiment with trans-membrane permeation, the µFLUX™ system is the perfect tool for making early pharmacokinetic decisions. Whether assessing the effect different formulation vehicles have on FLUX, or assessing pre-clinical performance based on pH or food, Pion’s µFLUX™ is a convenient and powerful in vitro tool.



In many cases, dissolution experiments alone cannot correctly predict the in vivo response to drug products due to the complicated interplay of solubility and permeability in complex media. Pion’s MacroFLUX device extends the utility of in situ concentration monitoring to improve assessment of absorption potential and more realistic IVIVC modeling.