Pion measures lipophilicity with octanol/water and other partitioning media such as cyclohexane, heptane, and liposomes.


Log P is a measure of lipophilicity, or the ratio of compound that partitions between octanol and water.  As the value increases, so does the lipophilicity of the compound.  The determination is based on potentiometric titration, with results comparable to the shake flask technique.  Results are reported using the lipophilicity profile, a plot of log D versus pH. We routinely measure log P between -2 and 5.


Potentiometric titration is especially useful for zwitterions and ion-pairing; formation of micro-emulsions is easily overcome with this method.  


To submit your compounds for analysis:


  • Fill out a Sample Submission Form for each compound. 
  • Send a printout with the samples to Pion
  • Please include the Purchase Order number.